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Belong’s Essential Guide To Property Management: Keeping a Home Well-Maintained, and Keeping Tenants Happy

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Belong on Nov 18, 2021
Chapter 1, Pt. 2: Keeping a Home Well-Maintained, and Keeping Tenants Happy

Let’s conduct a little thought experiment. Let’s say you didn’t hire a property manager, or decided to self-manage . Let’s say instead you decided to work with a broker who helped find a tenant and did a background check draw up the lease and get it signed.
Now the tenant’s moved in, all settled, sending in rent checks without any prompting or follow up. Life seems pretty sweet. 
Then a faucet starts dripping. Which causes a mold problem. Which attracts bugs. Which attract spiders. Then randomly a Hitchcockian pigeon crashes into a window and shatters it. Hell breaks loose, in other words. 
What’s a homeowner to do? You don’t know any good contractors or exterminators, much less a good glazier.   
“So What,” You Say To Yourself
“I’ll call a contractor. Big whup. I need to pay a property manager thousands of dollars a year so they can call a contractor?  That’s what you call a compelling argument?”
The fact is that finding anyone to get work done is hard on the immediate-need level, and finding a contractor organize and supervise everything is even more difficult. They are notoriously hard to wrangle, especially in major metropolitan areas, where there is often too much work and not enough skilled labor to perform it.  As a matter of fact, currently, in America, there’s a massive contractor shortage .
Some property managers have relationships with contractors and service providers, having worked with them closely over the years, but you’re still relying on busy, overtaxed individuals, and taking care of problems as they crop up, on a case-by-case basis.
That’s why Belong hires its own Pros on a full-time basis.
Belong Pros are highly experienced, background-checked experts who exclusively work on the buildings Belong manages. Which means whenever you need work done, Belong has experts at the ready. All you have to do is reach out to your concierge or put in a request through our app and we’ll find the perfect Pro to do the job.  Not only that, but your concierge will manage the entire repair process. And because they’re full-time Belong employees there’s no mark-up or hidden fees that suddenly manifest themselves on the final bill.
To be continued in Part 3!
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