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Belong’s Essential Guide To Property Management

Written By
Adam on Nov 17, 2021
A new eBook that should be on every homeowner’s virtual bedside table.

“Management” is a word that means a lot of things, depending on the circumstances. But the one consistent meaning – whether it applies to managing a business, or the condition of a patient in the hospital – is that it describes situations where you are managing change. 

Orchestrating a dynamic environment that is always changing requires skill, adaptability, and sensitivity. That is the basis of management.
With that in mind, let’s turn our attention to the world of “Property Management” — which is what this eBook is all about. Even more specifically, the world of property management as it applies to residential homes and apartments. (Commercial property management is a completely different matter.)
The experts at Belong have decided to put this ebook together because there is a compelling need for some basic, unbiased information about what property managers should do – and what they don’t do, the majority of the time. 
We know there is a need for clear, concise, and truthful information on property management based on the number of Google searches alone. But having been in the business for a while now, we’ve also had many, many interactions with homeowners – including sophisticated people who have owned homes for a long time – that speak to the same need.

But before we dive into the subject, let’s start by introducing ourselves.  We are Belong, a company that was launched with a very clear mission: to completely change the world of “property management.” Because when we looked, we saw this enormous industry was fundamentally broken.
In fact we are changing property management so much that the very words are no longer applicable to what we do
At Belong we never, ever talk about landlords and tenants . That’s medieval! Instead we talk about homeowners and residents.  You see, our mission is to connect people who own much-loved houses with people who are ready to move in and love them, too.  With that as the framework, and the elimination of the medieval tension and animosity between both sides as the goal, Belong’s magical platform has ways of making everyone happy.
You own a home.
We have someone to ❤️  it.
Belong has brought innovations like guaranteed rent, sophisticated property pricing modeling, an investment in our own amazing contractors – our Belong pros – and the first fully digital experience to property management.
But this book is not a sales document for Belong.  We wrote it to educate and inform those who own homes which they currently have on the rental market, or who are thinking about putting a home on the market. Because we’re so different from what exists out there, this book will inevitably draw some implicit comparisons between what we’re doing and the industry norms.  Though that isn’t the primary goal of this project, as the expression goes, it is what it is.
Our book will answer these commonly asked questions:
  • What exactly do property managers do?
  • Why do “landlords” – you already know what we think of that word! – rely on a property manager?
  • How much do property managers cost?
  • What should you look for in a property manager?
  • What can you tell a good property manager from a bad one?
We think we’ve covered just about everything a homeowner would need to know, but if we’ve missed anything, just email us at questions@belong.home and we’ll get back to you right away.
Check out our first chapter, which dives deep into exactly what a property manager can do for you!
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Adam Hanft
Editor in Chief
Adam is a futurist - co-author of "Dictionary of the Future" - brand strategist, public-company board member, former comedy-writer (but he hasn't stopped being vaguely amusing), and an investor in Belong.