This Property Manager Wants To Start a New Tradition of Giving

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Adam on Nov 25, 2021

This Property Manager Wants To Start a New Tradition of Giving

You own a home.
We have someone to love it.

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Check out Belong’s suggestions for the perfect homeowner-to-resident gifts; it’s the perfect Belonging gesture.

A homeowner to present a resident with a holiday gift might seem like a crazy, upside-down gesture. After all, most people believe that what exists between them is a purely functional, transactional relationship.


At Belong, though, we pride ourselves on turning things upside down. We’ve done that with the entire property management industry.  We’ve banned the words “landlord” and “tenant” and have created a new era of respect and appreciation between both sides of the rental experience.


Read more about the words and terms Belong prefers to the traditional, retrograde language favored by the industry


It’s all based on the simple but profound idea of connecting people who own much loved houses with those who are ready to move in and love them back.   With that emotional framework in mind, sending a gift to someone who lives in your home, loves it, and takes good care of it, doesn’t sound upside down at all.


What’s more, when you give someone an unexpected gift – and we all know it to be true – there’s a special bond that’s created.  Wouldn’t you want to create that bond with the person who’s essentially a steward for a very valuable asset of yours?


With that in mind, here are some of our favorite surprises for all the residents in your life.

Starting at the beginning: the front door

With this doormat from our friends at LL Bean, our thoughtfulness will be visible everyone time someone leaves or enters your home.  They call it an “Everyspace Recycled Waterhog” and they don’t just sell it, they rely on it. Their website notes: “…we use it at our Flagship store in Freeport, Maine. If it's tough enough to handle 7.5 million visitors per year, it can certainly stand up to whatever boots, shoes, and paws track through your door.”

It can be personalized, is available in multiple colors, and we think it’s well-priced at $54.95. And they say that if you order by December 15th, it will still be delivered by Christmas.

Personalised doormat

This streaming planter grows on you

From Urban Outfitters comes a planter that does more than simply act as a repository for succulents, or whatever your resident’s verdancy-of-choice may be. It includes a Bluetooth speaker, so you can “pop in your favorite plant (not included) and activate the built-in LED lights and noises with the touch of a petal.”  Sounds like fun to us. 

No one will be able to forget who sent them this as they stream their favorite tracks and “utilize the touch control and multicolor lights to complete the experience.” At only $20, that unforgettability doesn’t have an unreasonable price associated with it.

Spuds That Show You Care

We don’t know anyone, no matter how hardened their heart might be, who wouldn’t smile ear-to-ear when they open a surprise box and get to see their visage looking back at them from an actual potato.

This starchy whimsy –  from Anonymous Potato, for just $16.99 – is sure to win the heart of any resident in your life.

The Gift of Grip

We know from our homeowner listings – and what we hear from residents – that proximity to downtowns is something that people are looking for. Which is why so many bicycles are part of the Belong community.

This brings us to the gift of the iPhone bicycle-mount holder that fits on any handlebar, rotates 360-degrees, and is weather-resistant. It’s available on Amazon for just $15.97 and tells your residents that you’re along for the ride with them.

Show You Care. Woof.

At Belong we know how important pets are to our residents and their families.  So what better way to support that love than a gift to the Humane Society on their behalf. Here’s a link to show you how to get it done. With so many pandemic puppies being put up for adoption, they need the help.

Say It With Ice

We love this ice bucket under any circumstances, but we especially love that it can be personalized. Every time your resident pops a cork, they’ll think of you and the home you made possible in the very best of ways. There are literally hundreds of other items ready for personalization at the aptly named

Lastly, the Perfect Metaphorical Gift

Since Belong has been so successful at creating a world where “landlords” and “tenants” (we’ve already told you how we feel about those terms!) can be friendly and supportive, we were drawn to Colive olive oil from Cyprus.  (“Co-live”, get it?)

As the New York Times wrote, it is “made with olives from either side of the green line dividing the Turkish-occupied north and the independent south. The founder says he wanted to demonstrate the quality of his local olive oil and ‘bridge the divide in Cyprus.’”

We hope these gifts inspire you, and that they will create a new tradition of connecting homeowners and residents who share a love of the same thing: family, friends, and the dwelling that connects them.

You own a home.

We have someone to ❤️  it.

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