Belong Affiliate Program

Earn rental income without owning property.

Property management is broken. Join Belong’s Affiliate Program to introduce homeowners to a 10x better experience, and earn up to $1,000 per home referred.

What is Belong?

Belong is a two-sided marketplace working to reinvent traditional long-term renting. We are on a mission to replace the broken property management experience with a more caring, empowering, and human-centric system.

Belong provides a technology-enabled property management experience far superior to other offerings. Not only do we place highly qualified residents, we also remove the headaches of renting out a home, and maximize earnings along the way.

With industry leading conversion rates, selling Belong is easy!

We bundle together so much value that’s it’s an easy decision. Here’s why customers love us.

Why Homeowners Love Us?

We partner with homeowners to help them achieve financial freedom. We manage everything about their rental homes so they won’t need to lift a finger.

Guaranteed Rental Payments

Homeowners never have to worry about rental income again. We pay the homeowner rent every month whether or not the renter pays us thanks to our data-driven resident qualification process.

Maximized Yearly Earnings

We use market data and real-time interest from potential residents to optimize rental price. We also find great residents that stay longer, reducing vacancy. Together, this approach increases yearly earnings for the homeowner.

24/7 Support

A dedicated Member Success Lead cares for the homeowner and their home, with a 24/7 emergency support team.

Financial Freedom

We help homeowners generate long-term wealth. Offering them built-in tools to ensure peace of mind and success towards their financial goals.

Why Residents Love Us?

We help residents find the perfect home to love, receive exceptional care, and save part of rent each month to buy a home.

Manage Your Home, Right From the App

With the Belong App, residents can pay rent, request a Pro for repairs, or message their Member Success Lead whenever and wherever they need to.

Building Towards Homeownership

By paying rent on time, residents receive karma dollars they can ultimately apply towards purchasing a home.

24/7 Support

No more phone tag. A dedicated Member Success Lead works directly with residents, with a 24/7 emergency support team.

Reduced Move-In Burden

Hate having to pay thousands of dollars up front just to move in? Never again. With Belong, residents can split the deposit cost over their lease term.

No more landlords. No more tenants.

Just happy Homeowners and Residents.

4.7 Stars



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