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We've named our blog after the most joyful room in the house, because that's the feeling which best describes living in a Belong home. We'll be sharing tips, trends and stories from our community that capture the many ways in which we're making long-term renting a new way of life. One where all people Belong.

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A pair of grey and white sneakers stands on concrete with "VOTE" spray painted on the ground

Red, White, and Real Estate: The Housing Market During the 2024 Election Year

Is the 2024 election bad news for the US housing market? Should homeowners and investors be concerned? Belong digs into the data and the bigger picture.

Real Estate

Written By Melanie Kershaw

Last Updated Feb 28, 2024

A cropped close up shot of a man holding a paintbrush on a step ladder

Why Ignoring Rental Home Maintenance Could Cost You More Than Repairs

How well landlords can respond to rental home maintenance requests has a direct impact on cash flow, profitability, tenant relationships and legal liability.


Written By Melanie Kershaw

Last Updated Feb 21, 2024

An image of a calculator and sheet tracking investment yields over time. Learn more about The Rule of 72 in relation to real estate investment.

Understanding Rule of 72 for Rental Property Calculations

What is the Rule of 72 in real estate? Assess how long your rental investment might take to double in value with this simple shortcut formula as a guide

Finance and Investments

Written By Jordan Newsom

Last Updated Feb 14, 2024

A young man sits at his laptop at home, with a red iphone in his hand, organizing his rental home finances online

How Flexible Payment Options Are Unlocking Positive Cash Flow for Landlords in 2024

Cash flow management made simple: Introducing Belong’s Split-It Financing to spread the cost of unplanned expenses to keep your rental home cash flow positive.


Finance and Investments

Written By Melanie Kershaw

Last Updated Feb 11, 2024

A family move into a new rental home, hanging artwork and unpacking boxes

Belong Expands to 18 New Markets, Giving More Americans a Place to Belong

Belong is welcoming 18 new cities across Florida, California, Washington, Utah, Texas, Georgia, North and South Carolina.


Written By Ale Resnik

Last Updated Feb 8, 2024

A bird's-eye view of the city in Charlotte, North Carolina at sunset

Belong Extends a Warm Southern Welcome to North Carolina

From Charlotte to Durham and Wilmington: it’s time to meet Belong and find out how we’re changing renting and property management in North Carolina for good.


Property Management

Written By Tyler Infelise

Last Updated Feb 7, 2024

A single family home in Washington state, viewed through trees in the fall with yellow leaves

5 New Laws Washington State Landlords Should Be Prepared For in 2024

Washington state rental housing laws are changing in 2024, here's 5 changes Washington state landlords need to know when renting out their home in 2024.

Legal & Regulatory


Written By Melanie Kershaw

Last Updated Feb 5, 2024

An image of a hand using an iphone calculator, depicting a person assessing if they can live off of rental property income, with American banknotes and a notepad beside them

Can I Live Off Passive Income Earned From a Rental Home?

What to consider and how to manage secure, positive cashflow to weigh up living off of income from your rental home

Finance and Investments

Written By Melanie Kershaw

Last Updated Jan 30, 2024

A rental home in Texas with a well maintained front yard on a clear day

What Texas Landlords Need To Know About Rental Housing Laws in 2024

Texas housing laws 2024: Some rules are changing, others are in litigation. Here's 4 laws that Texas landlords need to know when renting out their home in 2024.


Legal & Regulatory

Written By Melanie Kershaw

Last Updated Jan 25, 2024