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What does Belong Membership mean for you as a Homeowner?
Where does Belong operate?
What type of properties do you work with?
How much does it cost to use Belong? What are the fees I pay for your services?
What services are included?
Do you help me come up with a rent price that is right for the market?
How fast do I get paid? When will you list my property?
Do I have to work exclusively with Belong or can I list on multiple sites?
Can I rent out my house furnished?
How do you vet Residents?
Do you handle evictions?
Who are your Pros?


What does Belong Membership mean for me as a Resident?
How long does my Belong Membership last?
How much does Belong cost?
When can I see the home?
How can I learn more about the neighborhood?
How do I apply to live in a Belong Home?
What if my application is not approved?
How much should I expect to pay to move-in?
What if I need a cosigner?
Are pets allowed?
Who pays for the cost of utilities such as water, electricity, and gas?
How quickly can I move in?
How do I pay rent?
How do I request maintenance, home upgrades, or report emergencies?
How do I get my security deposit back?
What guarantees do I have as a Resident?