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Be Amenable: 4 Simple In-Home Updates That Will Make Your House that Much More Lovable

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Belong on Aug 31, 2021
The homeowners who list their properties with Belong love their homes and want their residents to feel the exact same way.  These simple, quick, and relatively inexpensive upgrades will make the process of falling in love that much easier. 
Belong is the innovative property manager built to minimize vacancy (which is one reason that homeowners love us so much).  But sometimes renovations are necessary.  This shouldn’t be viewed as a burden, but an opportunity to smartly update the property.  Simple, elegant upgrades to the living space can pay dividends immediately, and down the line, making your home that much more attractive to potential residents — many of who are looking for certain creature comforts – and Belong knows from experience what they are.

1. Transformed Closets
Though a glamorous walk-in remains the gold standard, most people are keenly aware that finding one is something of a pipe dream.  That being said, the many intelligently designed organization systems on the market can make a closet feel luxurious by making the greatest use of the available space.  From Ikea to Wayfair to the Container Store, there are a ton of cost-effective options these days.
At Belong, we’re big advocates of closet systems, because they mean so much to our residents: they communicate that the private spaces only they see are as important and cared-for as the living room or the bathroom or the kitchen.  It makes them feel great, too, every time open the closet door and see everything so neatly arranged and displayed.

2. New air conditioners
The paradox of climate change: summers are getting hotter, making everyone want to blast the AC 24/7, but you can’t help but feel guilty doing so, knowing the thing that is keeping you cool is also contributing to global warming.  Fortunately there are many new energy-efficient models that should at least mitigate the guilt; there are also new models that run quieter, so you can have a Zoom call without shouting.  We’ve also seen models that hang below the window frame, allowing the maximum amount of light to pour in through the windows.  Because what’s summer without a little summer sun?

3. Fabulous Floors
Redoing the floors can be costly and time-consuming.  There is a fashionable solution though: vinyl stickers that you can cut to measure and stick onto the floor.  Of course you can do this throughout the entire apartment, but we recommend starting in the kitchens and the bathrooms.  Why?  First of all, the tiles you find on the floors of many bathrooms and kitchens are so 80s; second of all, those floors tend to take a beating, so why not redo them on the cheap — especially if the results look anything but!

4. Molding
It can be affordable, is easy to install, and gives every space an elegant, authentic character; even if you don’t actually use your picture rail to hang pictures, it has aesthetic value in and of itself.
You own a home.
We have someone to ❤️  it.
When you work with a committed property manager like Belong, you have a partner who will call out these differences – so homeowners can capture the value in the rent.  You also have access to Belong’s Pros, who can do the necessary work quickly and beautifully.
Even if people aren’t actively looking for these kinds of upgrades, the fact that the homeowners care so much about their home — and their next residents —makes the place that much more desirable. 
It signals that the place is loved.  Which primes people to share in that emotion.  When it comes to making a house feel like home, little details like these can make all the difference.
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