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Belong’s Guide to a Beautiful Cost-Contained Backyard

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Adam on Aug 27, 2021
The pandemic made us fall in love with our backyards all over again.  Trapped in our houses and plots of land, we dug, weeded, planted, communed – and of course – improved.  We saw the phenomenon happen all across our Belong community.
“Backyard improvements make staycations more attractive” declared USA Today .  And a survey done by OnePol l found that seven of our 10 people said that “adding to their home exterior spaces has become a new hobby.”
The same poll further bears out what we know intuitively – and likely experienced ourselves.  It found we are spending 14 hours a week outside – three hours more than before the pandemic.  What’s more, early three-quarters of respondents shared that their outside time was important to their mental well-being. 
At Belong, where we connect homeowners who have places that are ready to be loved – with people ready to love them – this powerful lure of our front and back yards could not be more welcome.  After all, an aesthetically elevated outdoor setting makes a home even more ready to be embraced.
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We often think about memories made inside the home – and they indisputably are – but just as powerful and important are those made outside. Playing catch with the kids as the sun falls into the sky; entertaining friends and family on a perfect summer night; setting up the house for Halloween – these are irreplaceable.  And of course, Instagrammable. 
We’re realistic and know that our residents aren’t like to be making expensive improvements in their outdoor space.   But you don’t have to add a deck to add to your everyday enjoyment.  There are wonderful things you can buy that aren’t that expensive that can add hours of simple joy to your experience - and that you can take with you, should you move.
Without going all the way to a fancy installed grass grill, there is no shortage of options to meet whatever level of grilling obsessive you might be.  If you’re looking for some smart advice, head over to the BBQ Guys website . You can’t get better tips, and we love the way they break it down into smokers, Kamado grills, pellet grills, even electric grills.  The expert reviews are truly “expert” – you can tell they were written by folks who have astronomic BBQ IQs.
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Still staying with the joys of heat, you can quickly transform the look and feel of your backyard with a firepit.  They don’t throw off much heat, but there’s nothing more romantic or relaxing than sitting outside, sipping some wine, and watching the light from the fire bounce off your glass.
Here’s a link to some of the best outdoor firepits – including fire bowls that sit on tables – at some surprisingly affordable prices. 
We were particularly drawn to the JHY Design clean-burning portable unit – smokeless, odorless, and clean-burning.  At just $29.99, it won’t burn a hole in your budget.
When it comes to your lawn and garden, we have some tips for every Belong resident, as well as our Belong homeowners who cover the maintenance.  Instead is a new, lawn fertilizer made with natural ingredients like wheat flour meal and molasses, that is delivered at exactly the right seasonal moment.
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As for planting on a budget, there’s a lot of “green for the buck” that is achievable; a good place to start is here , and here , and here .    And these upcycled DIY planter ideas will inspire you to think differently – and creatively – about items you might otherwise just toss.
Lawn games are a wonderful diversion, and they have been experiencing a boom that has continued even as we are getting vaccinated.   You certainly don’t need to spend nearly a grand on a Jaques croquet set , even though a company founded in 1795, and the oldest sports and games manufacturer in the world, deserves some attention.   Here’s a link to some more affordable option s, including a set that is handcrafted by the Amish , who are known to enjoy a game of croquet after they do their chores.
Read more about the pros (and cons) of owning a rental property of owning a rental property](https://belonghome.com/blog/owning-rental-property-pros-and-cons-of-rental-property)
There’s lots more to occupy you on your lawn;  The New York Times published a story back in May that covered everything from badminton to bocce, pétanque, and lawn bowling.  They have their own histories, but as Brooks Butler Hays, author of “Balls on the Lawn – Games to Live By ” charmingly puts it:
“Lawn games do have rules, but not too many, and they don’t demand a great amount of skill. “They aren’t athletic endeavors …  the stakes are low enough that even if people aren’t into the competition, they can still have fun.”
There is no shortage of memorable moments to be created in the back and front yards of homes that are part of the Belong community.  And if you are feeling spiritual, why not plant a tree (with the approval of your homeowner, of course.)   As Nelson Henderson said, “The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit.”
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1. The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit. - Nelson Henderson
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