Announcing Belong's $5M Series Seed, $10M Series A and $40M Series B from a16z, GGV and Battery Ventures

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Ale, Owen & Tyler on Mar 9, 2021

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You own a home.
We have someone to love it.

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Today is an important day for Belong and all of us personally.

We are announcing a $5M Series Seed led by Jeff Jordan at a16z, a $10M Series A led by Jeff Richards at GGV Capital, and a $40M Series B led by Roger Lee at Battery Ventures, with Comerica providing credit support.

Joining a16z, GGV, and Battery Ventures, we are welcoming individual investors Eric Wu (CEO of OpenDoor), Sarah Friar (CEO of Nextdoor), Austen Allred  (CEO of Lambda School), Kevin Hartz (Founder of Eventbrite), Elliot Cohen and TJ Parker (Founders of PillPack), Manish Chandra (CEO of Poshmark), Laurence Tosi (CFO Blackstone / Airbnb), Sam Corcos (CEO of Levels), Dave Vasen (CEO of Brightwheel), Brett Rotchkind (Former MD General Atlantic), William Barnes (leading the Uber Alumni Syndicate), and Larry Summers (former Secretary of the Treasury)!

Belong's Genesis.

We are a company started by immigrants. As immigrants, we had to redefine, multiple times and in numerous ways, what Home meant to us.

Is Home your neighborhood?

Is Home your country?

Is Home the walls around you and the ceiling above you?

Is Home the people you share meals with?

Is Home the school nearby?

With time, we discovered that Home isn't a place. Home is a feeling. Home is where our heart is.

We love building products that make people happy. More specifically, we love surprising people with something they never thought could make them happy. 

So we chose an industry that hadn't changed in centuries and offered no elements of delight to those it was meant to serve. The rental journey is a universally shared experience that’s severely dysfunctional. Whether you’re on that journey as a renter or a homeowner, it is filled with stress, anxiety, headache, and often, ill will.

That's precisely the type of experience we feel compelled to go tackle. We’ve set about changing every aspect of renting. It’s certainly not the easy route, but we're obsessed with eradicating everything that was once bad, and replacing it with something truly great.

If you’re a homeowner, Belong will handle everything for you. For starters, we’re going to treat your home exceptionally well. Our in-house, full-time team of Pros will take care of all maintenance and reconditioning on your home, showing up on time and doing work correctly the first time around. We'll find really great Residents that love your home, almost as much as you do. And we’re going to treat them exceptionally well too, so that they stay longer, further reducing vacancy. And because we’re building for the future, everything is handled right through your phone, from rent and Pro Services, to communications with your dedicated Concierge.

We're proud to be building the feeling of Home every human deserves.

Want to learn more about the magic of Belong? HOW IT WORKS

Zero to One

Building something from nothing is incredibly hard. 

So, why do we do it? More importantly, why did we choose to do it again?

We continuously remind each other of this secret: building something the world values is a hack that enables you to choose who to work with.

Case in point, several of the Belong team members have been working together for eight years and plan to continue for many, many more.

Another secret is that you also get to 'hire' your investors when you’re off to a good start. The people you admire the most from your field. We get to learn from these people in a seamless, natural way. In the Jeffs and Roger, we've found extraordinary operators, turned even better investors, that we are proud to call our partners. We don't take that for granted and we are extraordinarily grateful.

But, we couldn't do any of this without our team members, The Belongers, past, and present. All incredibly dedicated, talented, warm-hearted people that make and will continue to make Belong special. 

This announcement is dedicated to each one of you:

Adam, Ahmad, Akash, Alejandro, Alex, Alex, Alex, Alfie, Amy, An, Andy, Anthony, Aprilynne, Ariane, Arlie, Ben, Brandon, Brittany, Bruce, Caleb, Cameron, Carlo, Catherine, Cesar, Chelsea, Chenell, Chris, Christian, Corinne, Cynthia, David, Daniel, DeJon, Diego, Diego, Dion, Divine, Dolores, Doug, Eileen, Ellie, Erin, Erin, Fedelyn, Fernando, Flora, Frankie, Francisco, Freddy, Garrett, Gabriel, Glenn, Haris, Hyuk, Jake, Jane, Jason, Javier, Jerry, Jiffy, Joel, John, John, Jonathan, Jordan, Jordan, Jorge, Joseph, Julio, Kalin, Kar, Katie, Kathryn, Kayla, Khym, Landon, Lara, Leah, Liam, Lupe, Mario, Mark, Mary Bernadette, Mati, Matt, Matthew, Mary, Maxx, Michael, Michael, Michelle, Milan, Montana, Murugesh, Namrata, Noemi, Nica, Nick, Nico, Nimesh, Nitesh, Oggi, Pablo, Pradeep, Priscila, Randy, Ronson, Ruben, Ryan, Sadara, Sajni, Saliq, Sam, Sam, Shawn, Stephan, Sydney, Tanner, Thomas, Tom, Tomek, Travis, Troy, Tyler, Vic, Yanna, and Zeni!

Thank you for your hard work. You've made it possible to get this far.

Would you like to explore careers at Belong? We have lots to do and learn.

We're hiring!

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Ale, Owen & Tyler

Belong Co-Founders

Ale Resnik is the CEO of Belong, Owen Savir is the President of Belong and Tyler Infelise is Belong’s Head of Product. The three have been working together for eight years, and through that time have shared numerous extraordinary moments together, including but not limited to loudly arguing over the thermostat settings, delivering tens of thousands of cars on flatbed trucks across the country, and inspecting manholes out front of newly onboarded Belong Homes. And this is just the beginning.