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The Best Way to Choose a Property Manager is to Read Their Job Description

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Adam on Oct 13, 2021
The people we hire define us.  So Belong invites you to read about the special kind of people we’re looking for - and the culture we are committed to.
You see, we are growing.  And fast.  Our mission – to connect people who own and love a house, to people who want a place they can live in and love – is proving irresistible.  We’re making people happy in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, San Diego, and Orange County.
So take a look at the way we describe our company and our values in the “Careers” section of our website, conveniently linked here .  Before we even get to the open positions, we provide a deep look into our heart and soul, what makes us tick.

We think this says more about what it’s like to have Belong take care of your house than any “sales pitch” we could possibly make.  And it will give you confidence that anyone who touches your house – from our Belong Pros to expediters and coordinators – approaches their job with passion and respect.
 Let us know if you agree!
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