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Time to Downsize? There’s a New Way to Move Out Without Selling

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Belong on Aug 31, 2021
The idea of selling a beloved house can be painful.  So is the idea of renting it in a traditional way, and becoming a “landlord,” but for different reasons.  Now there’s a new company that creates a healthy marketplace between homeowners and people who are looking for a place to live in, and build a relationship with.  This article explains what the solution is, and the company behind it.
Are you caught in a “sell or hold” dilemma?  Millions are.  Their kids are starting to move out and live their own lives.  Which means you don’t need all that space – or expense.  But maybe you’re not quite ready to sell the house where the family grew up. Or you could be looking to downsize but want to keep your house because the kids – and grandkids! - might want to move there one day.

There are other possibilities.  You may want to travel for a year or two, and would like to reduce your monthly charges – or even make a profit. Perhaps you want to move to a smaller place, but don’t want to sell the house because property values in the neighborhood are going up, and you want to maximize your potential profit.
Read more about the pros (and cons) of owning a rental property of owning a rental property](https://belonghome.com/blog/owning-rental-property-pros-and-cons-of-rental-property)
There are many options you have at this point in your life.  But if you want to keep the house, the biggest challenge you will face is finding the right person to live in it.
You own a home.
We have someone to ❤️  it.
You’ve Probably Heard of Property Managers
The name Property Managers is fairly self-explanatory.  In theory, they take care of all the tasks that are necessary for the upkeep of your property if you decide to rent it out.  They market it, find renters, collect the rent, and perform basic maintenance.

Unfortunately – as a Google search will tell you – most property managers focus on landlords who are investors.  They have no real emotional connection to their houses, and just care about getting anyone who can pay the rent to move into the house.
But if you love your house – and would like someone who loves it as much as you do to move in – you’re going to need to take a different path than a conventional, old-school property manager
Belong – A New Solution for Downsizers Who Are Crazy About Their Homes
We have all seen examples of exciting new companies that come into a market and “disrupted” the old way of doing things.   Uber, Airbnb, DoorDash – these have become familiar names.   Belong is doing the same for property management.  If you’re someone at the life-stage we’ve described above, they could be the answer you’ve been looking for. You can turn the entire process over to Belong, and they’ll take it from there.  That includes getting your house in shape to command the highest rental price, with their trained and highly- skilled contractors called “Belong Pros.”

Belong will also find you a tenant who will love your house as much as do.  They’ll handle all the paperwork, even guarantee the rent, and be there in case any maintenance is required on the home. 
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It’s a Great Feeling
Homeowners love the fact that someone is enjoying their house, while Belong is taking care of it.  They can go on with their lives without having to worry.  They also love the flexibility of working with Belong.  They can come back to their home when their residents’ lease is up.  Or, if they decide to sell it, Belong will handle that, too.  What’s more, the management fees that Belong collects could get credited to offset some of the commission earned from the sale of the house.
In short, now there’s a way to keep the house you love, with a rental solution that’s just as lovable.
About Belong
Created to connect homeowners who love their homes, with residents ready to move in and build their lives there, Belong is a tech-enabled platform that takes the bumps, frustrations, and uncertainties out of the experience –  to create delightful interactions from Day One to Day Forever.  Bringing the practices of leading hospitality companies to an industry that was marked by a lack of caring and manual processes – Belong reinvents every step of the journey, all the way through to Belong Pros who are talented, responsible, and prideful contractors.  Each component we touch is an opportunity to advanced our mission. No matter which side of the marketplace you are on, Belong honors your role and the communities we serve.