Never ever worry

about rent again.

Missed Rental Payment Protection

Never miss a rent payment with Missed Payment Protection, available for up to the entirety of your upcoming or active lease.

Credit Reporting

Belong reports all payments made (or not) to top credit bureaus,

helping your residents to pay on time and build credit.

Advance It

Get advanced rent payments for expenses in life that may come up, in or outside your home.

Tired of managing the home yourself?

Get Full Management With Belong PRO


There's a lot of love to go around.

5 Stars

The app is fast, easy to use, but what I really love is the guaranteed rent. I trust my tenants but i sleep better at night knowing if anything happened and they couldn't pay rent, I'm still getting paid and can cover my mortgage.

5 Stars

This app is user-friendly, straightforward and seriously brilliant. As a renter, this makes paying my rent a breeze and something that I am able to use to build my credit.

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