2023 In Review: Giving More People A Place To Belong

Written By Ale Resnik

Last Updated Dec 27, 2023

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Belong is building a network; connecting people who own much-loved homes with people who want a place to belong. Working together, we can put people first and change what it means to rent a home — creating lasting, positive impact on innumerable lives for decades to come. 

Redefining an entire industry is not a journey that can be made alone. It ‘takes a village’ of homeowners, residents, investors and team members. It takes innovative new services, industry recognition and support to spread the word. 

So before we take on 2024, we want to say thank you to our supporters. To our staff, to our community of homeowners and residents, to our financial backers, and to people who have talked or written about us so that we can grow. We invite you to join us in reflecting on four milestones and achievements of 2023 — we couldn’t have done it without you. 

1. We welcomed new neighbors in 15 cities

2023 was an incredible year for expanding our world-first residential network, with Belong PRO services launching in 15 new regions across the country. We’ve expanded our capacity in Florida and Washington and added Texas, Utah and North Carolina — with many more to come! 

We’ve received such a warm welcome and want to say a huge thank you to everyone who believes in our vision. You’re helping us to create authentic belonging experiences and change what it means to rent a home in: 

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2. Our 24/7 support got a big upgrade

Our homeowners and residents love having 24/7 access to help and support. So much so that we decided to give our customer support services an upgrade, adding new teams of dedicated specialists in November 2023.  

Now when you contact us, in addition to support from a dedicated account manager, you’ll get direct and fast access to the team with the best knowledge and skills to answer your questions. We have dedicated teams with expertise in everything from Resident Placement and Leasing, Maintenance and Home Repairs to Taxes and HOA Management. 

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A vector image of a home with a Belong shield for Rental Homeowners Insurance

3. We now offer insurance to protect rented homes

Did you know that homeowners insurance is only available to owner-occupied homes and becomes void when you rent out the home? When you own a rental, be that long-term rental or a short-term vacation rental — you need a specific insurance policy to protect your asset. If you don't, you could have a claim denied and be liable for expensive repairs and legal fees.

Belong has addressed this by offering dedicated rental home insurance with the option to make flexible payments and spread the cost over your lease agreement. 

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A screenshot of Belong's home management app

4. We outranked all property managers in San Francisco 

Belong is here to make waves and our new approach to renting is getting noticed. In 2023, ranked Belong #1 of 11 Best Featured Property Managers in San Francisco

And when it comes to research, doesn’t muck around. They vet more than 60,000 businesses every month to find the best of the best. Belong sits on their 2023 list of Best Property Management Companies in San Francisco, giving Belong a glowing 5 stars for professionalism. 

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Onwards and upwards for 2024

2024 is going to be even bigger and brighter with plenty of more people-led, industry-disrupting services coming to Belong homeowners and residents. Thank you to everyone who is joining us on this incredible journey to changing the world of home management and renting forever. 

For anyone not yet on our network, you can find out if your home is eligible for Belong here, or become a Belong resident by searching for available homes.

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