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How To Avoid Costly Evictions With Belong’s Game-Changing Safety Net For Homeowners

Written By Melanie Kershaw

Last Updated Mar 27, 2024

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Rental evictions can be unpredictable — which also means costly. 

If an eviction is contested, legal fees can add up fast. The fear of a costly eviction is why many property management companies started offering what they call eviction protection packages. Only there’s a catch. Many of these packages cost extra and, if you read the fine print, limit what they cover. 

Some homeowners find themselves covered for little more than court filing costs. Depending on the fees of your local county, this could cost the same as the ‘protection’.

It’s these kinds of deceptive moves and hidden costs that Belong came here to disrupt. When we looked at how to protect homeowners from costly evictions, we made sure we addressed the heart of the problem and provided real coverage. 

Why Belong’s eviction safeguards are a game-changer for homeowners

According to Eviction Lab tracking, rental homeowners in 10 states filed for more than 1 million evictions in the last 12 months. Over 75,000 of those took place in February 2024.


We don’t want our homeowners in those statistics. This is why Belong’s eviction safeguards start by seeking to avoid them in the first place. Belong offers peace of mind to homeowners by approaching this problem from both sides:

1. We place residents that are here to stay

Everyone needs a place to call home. With homeownership out of reach for many Americans, there is an increasing need for livable long-term rental housing. Our first priority is preparing your home and finding reliable residents who are ready to make themselves at home. 

For too long, renters have been treated like second-class citizens by traditional property managers, while homeowners are left frustrated by hidden fees and poor communication. It shouldn’t have to be this way. Our approach and 24/7 support to residents help us find people who pay their rent and don’t need to leave. We believe in our approach so strongly that we also guarantee rent, so your monthly cash flow will never take a hit from anyone we place in your home. 

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2. We offer up to $15,000 in real eviction protection

Belong’s eviction protection could be the best coverage you’ll ever need. If Belong ever needs to evict someone we placed — we’ve got you covered with a financial safety net.  

Belong-initiated evictions are covered for up to $15,000 in costs — as much as 5-10x what the average property management package is capped at. This isn’t just court filing fees. We’re talking any valid legal fees that are incurred including the cost of attorney and related fees, court costs, sheriff fees, and process servers.

You don’t need to pay extra to qualify for this service either. Just make sure Belong has initiated the eviction of residents we have placed. We can’t provide compensation for evictions that homeowners go alone or make without prior consultation. 

What are property management eviction protection packages? 

For comparison, we researched other property management eviction protection packages to see what was being offered by the top-rated firms in states like California, Washington and Florida. It was a confusingly mixed bag, but options included:

  • Expensive premium-tier subscription fees for the option of getting eviction protection capped between $500 - $2,000
  • Eviction “oversight” is offered, with all attorney fees and legal costs passed on to homeowners
  • Coverage for court filing fees or uncontested evictions only
  • Fees and charges of ~$75 - $100 per hour when property managers assist with an eviction or attend court on your behalf

Actual coverage will vary between individual property management companies, just as costs vary based on the jurisdiction of your rental home. But it’s important to note the limits of common eviction protection packages before deciding whether it’s a real safety net for out-of-pocket expenses you may encounter as a homeowner. 

Don’t pay more for peace of mind

There is a better way to avoid the headache of being stuck in the confusing legal system on your own. Ditch the DIY route and fee-ridden property managers to work with a residential network that will put the best people in your home. With first-class vetting, guaranteed rent and real protection against evictions, you can rest easy knowing Belong is looking after you and your financial interests. 

To see how Belong is simplifying the rental experience (and making it easier to choose long-term renting for your home), visit our homeowner's page and learn about services in places like Austin, Charlotte, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, and many more.

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