Don’t Call Me Landlord: The Belong Glossary

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Belong on Sep 30, 2021
In order to understand how different Belong is from the rest of the Property Management Companies out there, you have to understand how we think about the industry.  And in order to understand how we think, you have to understand how we talk.  Hence this post, which describes the kind of language Belong uses internally, and why.

To Start, Why Do We Call Ourselves Belong?

We got the name Belong from our mission : To create authentic belonging experiences for those who own much-loved homes, and those longing for that feeling. The question then becomes, how do you make someone feel like they belong in a home that actually belongs to someone else? How do you give someone a sense of ownership when they aren’t the owners?  

The answer to those questions: shift the paradigm. 

In order to accomplish that Herculean task we had to start talking about the subject of renting differently.  How we speak changes how we behave. 

Traditional Property Management Companies all it a property,
We call it a home.

Belong’s founders said it best when they said “Home isn't a place. Home is a feeling. Home is where our heart is.”

You can't put a fence around a feeling. Nor can you own a feeling. That’s why the word ‘property’ can never convey the kind of emotion we’re talking about 

On the other hand, you can make a home anywhere, so long as you love where you live and the people who live with you. 

We are in the home business, not the property business.

Traditional Property Management Companies call you a Landlord,
We call you Homeowners.

Not everyone who has a home on the rental market is a professional investor. Many lived for years in the home they’re putting up for rent. They raised their family there. Celebrated birthdays, graduations, promotions.  They welcomed children into the world there. They’re regular, normal people -- not “landlords.”

Landlords think of the houses they own as fungible assets, not as unique or special or endowed with a personality. 

Belong calls the people on its platform homeowners because they have that kind of emotional connection to their houses. Our homeowners care about who resides in their homes and want someone stable and trustworthy to live there. 

And our mission is to bring them together.

You own a home.
We have someone to ❤️  it.
Traditional Property Management Companies call them Tenants, or Renters. We call them Residents.

Renters are associated with transience — as are tenants. Here today, gone as soon as the lease ends. 

The word ‘resident’, on the other hand, captures a sense of permanence. A resident loves where they live and plans on staying there for as long as possible. They think of it as a home, and not simply a place where they’re laying their head for a year or two.  

That’s why Belong prefers the word resident to tenant and renter.   They might not end up living in that home forever, but they behave like they want to. It’s that kind of love of home that Belong tries to engender in its users.

Traditional Property Management Companies guess what to price your home at. 
We know it, with Marketing Pricing Automation.

Property management companies use guesswork to establish the market pricing for your home. Belong on the other hand uses Market Pricing Automation, our own technology that identifies the sweet spot, the exact amount you should be renting your home for.  Which means your home will be occupied by a new resident sooner rather than later, cutting down on vacancies.

They use third-party contractors,
We use our Belong Pros.

Belong doesn’t use the word “contractors,” because the people who do maintenance or renovations on our homes aren’t contracted. They’re full-time employees, and the best in the business. Which means no more struggling to find a trustworthy contractor or haggling over hidden fees and budget blow-outs.

Our maintenance and renovation team, known simply as ‘Belong Pros ’, are highly experienced, dependable, and fully-vetted professionals. From a perfect fresh coat of paint to full bathroom remodels, point them at a problem and the Belong Pros will take care of it.

They say Property Management Company,
We prefer “Long term rental platform”. 

Belong performs all of the functions of a traditional property management company, as well as many services that they go way beyond that.

That’s why describing Belong as a “long-term rental platform” is the right language.  It emphasizes that they foster loving, long-lasting relationships between homeowners and residents, and residents and their homes. 

With in-house Pros and world-class technology, Belong is transforming renting into a welcoming hospitality experience

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About Belong

Created to connect homeowners who love their homes, with residents ready to move in and build their lives there, Belong is a tech-enabled platform that takes the bumps, frustrations, and uncertainties out of the experience –  to create delightful interactions from Day One to Day Forever. Bringing the practices of leading hospitality companies to an industry that was marked by a lack of caring and manual processes – Belong reinvents every step of the journey, all the way through to Belong Pros who are talented, responsible, and prideful contractors. Each component we touch is an opportunity to advance our mission. No matter which side of the marketplace you are on, Belong honors your role and the communities we serve.