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5 Predictions for the 2024 Rental Market and How To Prepare For Them

Written By Melanie Kershaw

Last Updated Jan 17, 2024

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The housing market can be fickle and sensitive to change. While combing lists of the next big city can be great research, it's also important to consider current events and their potential impact on the rental market. 

So what change will 2024 bring to the rental market? Let's examine five current events and their predicted impact on homeowners and their residents.

5 Predictions for the 2024 Rental Market

1. Homeowners with a long-term mindset will be the winners in a renter's market

Many early reports for 2024 are suggesting that rental prices will soften in 2024. Zumper data shows that rental growth and big price hikes have already slowed. But before you lament a possible renters market, this doesn’t mean that homeowners will lose out in 2024. For starters, rents have shot up over the past few years and remain high even with slower growth.

For would-be homebuyers, there’s also little relief in sight that could see them out of renting in 2024. CNN reports that housing affordability is the worst it’s been in 40 years. Even if interest rates drop or prices soften in 2024, the last few years of incredible growth and inflation has put a lot of pressure on home deposit savings and mortgage costs. This is encouraging more Americans to rent for longer, opting instead to find a place they can call home long-term, without committing to buying. 

This can be great news for owners of rental homes who are looking for stability in their returns. Rather than riding the rollercoaster of rental market highs and lows, securing great long-term residents can provide predictable returns. It can also reduce the wear and tear on your home when people care for it as their own. Focus on the time of year you list and the livability of your property to increase your ROI and listing price in 2024. 

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2. The true cost of renting will become more transparent

In 2024, people will examine what they’re really paying for property management and rental fees. It’s not just the cost-of-living crisis and high inflation that is behind this. In July 2023, The White House called out the “junk fees” that plague the industry. The hidden costs charged by traditional property management companies impact homeowners and increase rents for their residents. 

Transparency is one of the many rental issues that Belong addresses with our top rated service, Belong PRO. But in 2024, we expect to see more companies following suit — either voluntarily or due to legislative requirements. Since President Biden brought the problem to light, seven states have already introduced bills or rules to crack down on hidden rental housing fees. Expect to see many more join them and real estate search platforms commit to showing the true cost of renting in the listed fees.

Before listing a rental home in 2024, make sure you’re on top of any local changes and be prepared to include all extra costs upfront in your price, especially if you’re charging application fees. 

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3. Natural disasters and extreme weather will be a focus for more landlords

2023 was a year of extreme weather, smashing the records for expensive disasters. The cost of 28 major disasters was reportedly $92.9 billion dollars, without accounting for the costs of the East Coast storms in December. This has seen a dramatic rise in insurance premiums for some areas — two major insurers even stopped offering new policies in California

Most people rent out their homes to build financial security, which could be wiped out in the event of a disaster. To avoid major losses, owners of rental homes will need to evaluate their landlords insurance policies in 2024. This is also a time to create emergency or safety plans for your rental home if you don’t already have them in place. Be sure to consider fire and flood risk, even if your home is not in a traditional disaster zone.  

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4. Property managers and landlords will need to tighten their cybersecurity

Cyberattacks are at an all time high and still rising. A 2023 report found that more data breaches hit US organizations in the first three quarters of 2023 than all of 2022 — or any prior year. 

Small property management businesses and self-managing landlords are often targets. A lack of sophisticated security measures plus a wealth of personal data is a dangerous combination. There’s also rent payment fraud and issues with using personal transaction platforms that aren’t designed for rent collection. 

If you don’t have a security and data plan in place, make it a priority for 2024. If you're going it alone, learn how to collect rent safely and brush up on FTC laws on how to dispose of private data on your residents. You can also reduce your risk by finding a tech-forward partner like Belong, that is built for the modern challenges of property management. 

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5. The election year will have the real estate markets on edge

2024 is an election year, which has a tendency to make real estate investors nervous. A recent survey by Investopedia found that 61% of real estate investors name the 2024 elections as their top concern for the year ahead. But the investment blog also notes that concerns could be overblown and that most election years bring positive returns.

If uncertainty is impacting your rental home finances in 2024, there are steps you can take to bring some stability, such as:

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