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How Flexible Payment Options Are Unlocking Positive Cash Flow for Landlords in 2024

Written By Melanie Kershaw

Last Updated Feb 11, 2024

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For most rental homeowners, positive cash flow is the key to hitting financial goals. That is, having your rental home earn more income than it costs to operate and service debt. Cash flow in real estate is different to profit, because it’s not tied up in the asset itself. Cash flow is the passive income that unlocks a better lifestyle, the reserves to build for retirement — maybe even grow your investment portfolio.

This is why cash flow is so important for individual homeowners. When Belong was throwing out the property management playbook to create a better renting experience, simple cash flow management was a priority. Belong simplifies the renting experience for homeowners and helps to secure cash flow in three ways:

  1. Optimized rental pricing based on livability and real-time demand
  2. Guaranteed rent to avoid gaps in your rental income
  3. ‘Split-It Financing’ that spreads the cost of any unplanned expenses

Belong’s innovative approach to cash flow management is available to all homeowners on the Belong PRO network. Let’s dive into how it works. 

How Belong simplifies rental home cash flow management

Large or unplanned expenses can make a serious dent in your rental property cash flow. No matter how prepared you are, there are still some curveballs that can negatively impact your cash flow. Things like:

Belong has simplified cash flow management by minimizing these risks. We go the extra mile in placing the best people in your home and reduce vacancies. We guarantee their rent so you never miss a payment. We offer maintenance subscriptions to keep your home in top shape all year round. We even shield you from costly evictions in the rare event that we need to remove anyone we placed in your home. 

Yet even the best made plans can come undone if a pipe bursts, a tree falls through the roof or the heater gives up in the middle of winter. Don’t worry, we’ve covered that too, with Split-It Financing. 

Split-It Financing allows you to cover expenses upfront, while splitting the cost over the term of your lease. No matter how big or small, costs are split into manageable chunks. This means you get your rent paid every month, minus a repayment for any bills you choose to split. This is perfect for anything from landlords insurance payments to emergency repairs. 

Discover Belong PRO: See why thousands of US homeowners are ditching outdated Property Management in San Francisco, San Diego, Austin, Los Angeles, Tampa, Jacksonville, Concord, Berkeley, Orlando and many more.

Why is positive cash flow important in 2024?

If your home is generating more income than it costs to run and service debts, you have positive cash flow. This can help to: 

  • Generate a passive income stream

  • Protect against economic uncertainty because income generated can help ‘weather the storm’ if property values decrease

  • Reduce the chance of default or foreclosure by bringing in enough income to service all debts

  • Improve opportunities for wealth creation with surplus to reinvest or diversify your financial portfolio

  • Increase the value of your home should you choose to sell, as positive cash flow will attract other investors

  • Improve your credit rating and financial health, making it easier to secure better terms with lenders when applying for finance

Never fret over rent or cash flow again

Belong is simplifying the rental experience and helping more homeowners reach their financial goals through real estate. Visit our homeowner's page to find out more about services in places like Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin, Oregon, Oakland, Miami and many more.

Disclaimer: Belong believes the word landlord is outdated and prefers ‘homeowners’ as it better reflects the partnership and community we strive to build. However, in this specific blog, we use 'landlord' to make an essential distinction regarding cash flow management strategies for rental homes. This terminology helps us precisely address the unique financial approaches and benefits our services offer to those managing resident-occupied properties, ensuring clarity and relevance to our readers.

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